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Explore North Dakota

North Dakota is beautiful! Much of this beauty is in our natural resources -- including our rivers and lakes and their natural state-of-being.

Paddle On is a local Bismarck / Mandan business renting stand-up paddle boards (SUP), canoes and kayaks.  We offer a way to experience the beauty of North Dakota's waterways in a way that leaves a very light environmental footprint -- kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding (SUPs), and canoeing.

Day-long floats, overnight trips, or even just an hour or two on the local Bismarck/Mandan waters. We have SUP rentals, kayak rentals (singles and tandems), canoe rentals as well as delivery (limited).

We invite you to explore and experience the serenity and unmatched beauty of many miles of the Missouri River, small rivers, and lakes. With all the water resources available in North Dakota, many of which are within a few minutes' drive, it is something everyone should try!

Harmon Lake

Paddle On has a permanent (seasonal) rental site at Harmon Lake! Harmon Lake is a beautiful recreation area eight miles north of Mandan on Highway 1806. It has much to offer and we are excited to be a part of it. Awesome camping available, plenty of wildlife and fishing, a great biking trail, and perfect paddling opportunities. Beginning in June, weekly water-fitness and SUP yoga classes are offered.

Google Map of Harmon Lake view map
kayaking and relaxing in a hammock at Harmon Lake.

Heart River

The Heart River west of Mandan is a beautiful trip through scenic countryside and river valleys. There are a few different ideal spots to start and end your floats.

view map of Heart River
Arrange a group float with us.  The Heart River has great trips.


Contact us for lessons or planning assistance.

See our resources page for helpful trip-planning links.

Kids can learn to paddleboard and kayak.

Missouri River

The Missouri River in Central North Dakota offers numerous day-trips, overnight and multi-day adventures.

Canoes packed for camping on a Missouri river trip.


We can also help you plan your trips !

  • SUPs

    The stand up paddle board can be as challenging as you make it - can you imagine doing yoga while floating down the Missouri River? It is totally doable!

  • Canoes

    Bringing stuff? Our 17ft Canoes can pack ALOT of gear! They can also fit 2 adults or a few kids.

  • Kayaks

    Kayaks glide through the water with ease. More maneuverable than canoes, they also have some space to stow gear.

  • Tandem Kayaks

    Kayak with a friend... do less work! Paddling is much easier in a tandem. Fits 2 people plus some of your stuff.


The water awaits.

Pick-up and Limited Delivery Available

Delivery services are available as well as a river shuttle!! This service requires a 2 unit minimum.

Rentals may also be picked up from our Summer Harmon Lake location for use elsewhere. In fact, if you pick up your day/weekend rentals yourself from Harmon, we will give you a free Harmon Lake Special (2 crafts for 1 hour at Harmon) to use on any Mon-Thurs (excluding holidays). Please note that after Labor Day and prior to Memorial Day, the Harmon Lake location offers rentals by appointment only.

All rentals require the signing of our waiver.

Please call or text(preferred) to arrange for delivery or shuttle. If you are making arrangements days in advance, emailing us through our web form is also a good way to contact us
Ph: (Jeff)

delivery of kayaks in Bismarck and Mandan